Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the Right cupcake Pop cutter

Holding the same Cutters I know Bakerella uses to make her cute-as-can-be Cupcake Pops and being able to compare them to the other Options she suggests, (that I found at Michael's and AC Moore) I realize how important having the right cutter is to shaping the pops to the right size so they'll look the way hers do. Although the difference in size is less than a Quarter inch, it's huge in terms of how different the pops might look if I use the larger cutters. So short story, Long, I'm happy to have found the Right cutters!

Bakerella is right too when she says these cutters are No longer sold on-line through Williams-Sonoma, but they can be Found at some of their retail stores. I called the Winston-Salem store and found them there. I asked them to hold Two sets. Why? Because it's who I am. I was raised by a child born into War-time Germany so I buy things in Doubles, just like my Mom always did/does now. Just in case. Any way, you (MC) asked for Photos of the packaging and the Cutters so you would know just which ones to Buy so here they are! 

I somehow managed to Work through lunch so I
asked T to dash over to Williams-Sonoma for me and
pick them Up. And, as much as he Hates the mall, he did!
Just a smidgen under 1.25" - Perfect!
This is the Wilton flower Cutter from their romance collection. See
how much Bigger it is next to the Williams-Sonoma cutter? Wow!
It's almost an inch and a Half wide. See how the Williams-Sonoma
cutter will form a tighter, smaller Cupcake base? I do!
this is also Wilton, from a Fondant cutter set and it's just over an
inch and a Half wide - Much too big! Call WS at the Del Monte center
in Monterey and Go get them! And, if you can't go, have F go for you!

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