Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday spring, Ducks and bread!

Before I share with you my no-Knead bread, let me show you my Spring!

Know what this means?
It means blinding, Warm sunshine, and an afternoon Spent reading on
the Deck and it means these Lovelies are no longer under cold, wet, Snow!
Nope! The daffodils are Up, open and they are Everywhere!
Including on my table... I smile at them and They smile back!
there was Lots of smiling today!
Especially when my Mallard pair stopped by for a snack...
I love these Ducks!
he always Lets her eat first... Such a gentleman!
then he Dips in... Look at that - He has a corn-Mustache!
click photo to enlarge
Happy Cows may come from California but
happy Ducks live here with me in North Carolina!
Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow...
Back inside... It's been 18-20 hours and our shaggy, Doughy-mess
appears ready to be turned into a Beautiful loaf of bread
this is my First tri-pod shot!
being able to snap Photos while I work
with both Hands is pretty neat!
Flouring my towel
Nap time!
Snug as a Bug in a... well, you know!
two Hours later and it's Oven time!
but first, let's have Another look outside, Shall we?
Honestly, I don't know where the day went... There should be
a Rule against beautiful days like today ending before I'm ready
Pot is hot so in Plops the dough...
Covered and baked 30 minutes...
Uncovered and baked another 15...
and it's Perfect. Smells amazing too!
better than perfect... This bread is Fantastic! I love how it Sings as
it cools... Snap, Crackle and Pop have nothing on this Loaf!
those Nooks and crannies are made for Butter!
like this...
If you're not already Measuring 3 cups of flour for your own
loaf, I have just one Question... What are you waiting for? Get to it!


  1. That is my favorite bread recipe, bar none. I don't know how I ever lived without it! Your loaf looks perfect. Just like from a fancy boulangerie!

  2. Perfectly golden too! You're so right, those nooks and crannies are just made for some butter love!


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