Friday, March 27, 2009

Everywhere there's Spring!

Before dinner we went for a little Walk in the rain... Just what I needed after the Day I had today!

These are my Favorite kind of daffodils and they are Everywhere!
All that turf Builder is responding well to this rain
All the rain has the Creek flowing too!
I've decided that this Japanese maple by the Pond is
more Lovely without leaves. Looks like it's on Fire!
Oh my! Whatever do we have here? I better pull out the Vases tomorrow
Because this year, it's Tulips! I complained last year that there weren't
enough Tulips. He promised to get right on it but I didn't Expect this!
More pretty Daffy-o-Dills for me...
the Japanese maple in the front yard got its Leaves this week
And, this Cute little weeping Cherry went Poof!
I love Spring. But you already know that about me, don't you?

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