Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanna Cupcake?

Let's make Banana cupcakes!
I love the end of Summer hours at work because the difference
between getting home at 4:30 versus 6PM means I have extra
evening time. Time for a swim, time to Bake... time for Me!  

I grabbed a couple of Bananas from the hotel breakfast buffet in Columbus
on Saturday morning with the intention of baking banana bread this
week. However, when I asked Taste-Tester if he had a preference between
This or This he told me, Cupcakes... Because they're easier to take outside

One large Banana equals just about 1 cup. Perfect!

This recipe requires the Butter and sugar to be creamed for 4 minutes

After the sugar and butter are Creamed, add the banana mash

Someone just brought me Roses from the garden and
asked when he might Expect to have a cupcake 

I told him we're Closer now than we were an hour ago!

Okay. That's a lot of left over Batter. Hum... The recipe says 12
cupcakes and I've dipped 12 cupcakes, but I still have all this batter. Maybe I
need to Fill the liners more... But I don't want them to overflow either

Let's bake these and See what happens

Okay. So now we know this batter doesn't Rise very much

And, it's a dense, heavy cake too. But it sure does smell Good!

I am Filling them up this time!

Look at those Tomatoes he just brought in from
his garden... They just scream Chef's salad!

Can't you hear them?

Dinner salads are made... Time to whip-Up some cream cheese buttercream


I added a little Americolor icing Gel to my frosting

It's called Egg yellow but I think it looks like...

Banana-yellow to me... Smooth, creamy, banana-Yellow buttercream

Look at this! For some reason the First cupcakes I
baked have begun to pop out of their liners as they cooled

But... if my little Banana cupcakes want to sit around
in their birthday suits, who am I to stop them?
Happy end of Summer hours... Have a Cupcake!

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  1. Those look perfect!!! That Egg Yellow color is one of my favorites!


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