Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick trip to Charlotte!

Every time we visit Charlotte I am reminded what a truly Beautiful
city it is. I can do without the Traffic, but the shopping is fabulous and I
love the big, Beautiful homes in the old, grand neighborhoods. We made
sure to get out before the Game and all the craziness starts downtown
though... The Panthers and Ravens play pre-season tonight. Sorry,
Panthers... But I'll be cheering for my Cowboys on week three!

We were in Charlotte today to visit with Spa-boy. We helped shuttle some things
over to his new place, and then we hit the Mall so he could introduce me to
some of his Team at Aveda. And, so I could hit Sur la Table - I love this store!

Next to Trader Joe's, we Really need
a Sur la Table. Oh! And, I need that ladle

We made it home just in time to Enjoy this pleasant evening on the deck!

The butterfly bush in front of the Solarium is full of butterflies!

It's almost like living back in Pacific Grove again!

Except we don't see many Monarch butterflies here...

But that's okay - North Carolina has pretty butterflies too

This one doesn't seem to mind Posing for me either, which is nice!

Thanks, little Butterfly...

Carry on!

Look what else I found at Sur la Table... Cookie Cutters! Cookie cutters on
sale too! Just $1.00 each, LESS 40%! For .56, I almost bought 1,000! I didn't realize
it until I got home, but my Ladle was 40% off too! I really should have bought two!

Thank you, Spa-boy! You take such good Aveda care of me! Taste-tester is
taking me to see a movie later, but I cannot wait to get home and try a mask!

See? The new Sur la Table ladle is Perfect
for my little German weisswursttopf!

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