Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Coming home from work is just about my Favorite part of
the week day. Especially when there are Packages waiting for me!

First... Spa-boy came through for me in a Big way! Ever wonder what $534.00
in Aveda skin and hair products looks like? Well, wonder no more because this is
it! I cannot wait to try the Tourmaline Charged Cleanser tonight. I'm sure Spa-boy is
right, and it will blow my Noxema away. And, I promised to use the Green Science eye
cream - but only because he said he Loves that I don't need it and using it will ensure
that I stay looking as Young and fresh as I do today. Nice save there, Spa-boy! Just
remember, I love you More than your Aveda employee discount. Way more!

Next box I opened came from the West Coast where my favorite e-Bay seller, and now
friend, Karen lives in Washington. She asked me the other day if I might be interested in a
few Fire King Jade-ite pie plates she came across. Only $5.00 each! Of course, I told her... Yes!

Karen and I met through e-Bay after I was high bidder
on those two Perfect rimmed soup bowls she sold me

Thanks, Karen... Your pie plates Fit right in!

A big Thanks to Bridget in Houston for recommending
this Bench scraper from Sur la Table on her Fabulous blog. It was
part of the last box I opened. It was Super-cheap! And, I already know
I can't live without it. I spent an hour at my Baking supply store yesterday
buying up everything I need to create some of Bridget's cookies. So stay tuned!

On my way to the garden to pick Cucumbers and tomatoes
and what do I see? Beautiful azaleas blooming behind the
pool in August. Who can Complain about that? Not me!

I was against his idea to plant Corn. But now... Not so much!

Okay! I think we're about half-way to all the Tomatoes I need to whip
up Ina's roasted tomato basil soup. By tomorrow evening the other
pound and a half I need will be ripe from the garden... I can't wait!

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  1. I think I need to do some serious shopping with you! ;) Man, you got some goodies!

    Hope you ♥ that bench scraper like I do!


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