Sunday, August 23, 2009


Unfortunately, being home means we are without Brandon again...

However, being home also means I'm back in my zone. Where
everything is familiar, Comfortable and apparently... Blooming!  

I came downstairs this morning to those Beautiful blossoms arranged in
the kitchen, and outside on the deck I found All of the roses have popped!

And, they smell Wonderful!

This is funny... Somehow, a little Tomato seed made its way
all the way over here to the other side of the Solarium. Could
be that it was in something I threw out to the Raccoon to snack
on because this is where we've been seeing her and the babies
hanging out lately. Usually, hanging from all the bird feeders!

Even the Houseplant he took outside
bloomed while we were gone!

And, the Tomato plants were very busy too! Being home
again means big Bagel sandwiches piled high with his tomatoes 

It's good to be Home again!

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