Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday lunch...

This is for Mom - Above are the Pita pockets I grab at Whole Foods,
and the Seaside cheddar, fruit, veg and of course, the Hummus too!

And, since we were trading Tomato stories... these are our Tomatoes!

Ina made a tomato-Basil soup on the episode of her Show I watched
this morning - Which gave me another Great idea for these!

We have Cherry tomatoes for days!

And, Romas! Boy... Do I have a Bruschetta in mind for these!

His cucumbers just keep coming!

Basil always means homemade Pesto!

Now, here is how I hear Pitas on the stove. They made the
perfect vehicle for dipping fresh-made Hummus... Yum!

I warm them through directly over the Flame! With
the exhaust fan on up above the Stove, of Course!

Poke them in the middle as soon as they Puff up

Then Flip to heat the other side!

Repeat until you have all the Pitas you need...
For the 2 of us, I usually do no more than five

Cut the pitas into Four triangles each - I use my kitchen scissors
or a paring knife. And then add all the triangles to the plate

Drizz some Olive oil into the Hummas...

and Call it lunch!

By the way... You're right! Trader Joe's is the Best dijon mustard. Ever!

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