Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday at Great State Auction House

Last week we received an Invitation to attend this month's show-
room auction at Great State Auction Company in Wilksboro

Books are beginning to take over the House, so we were in the market for a
couple of new, old Bookcases - we both prefer Vintage over new, so we thought,
Why not go? The prices are Incredible at these auctions! This piece wasn't my thing,
but where else could you get a China cabinet like this for under $200? The first drawer
even falls open forward to reveal a writing desk! Really... The prices cannot be beat!

As soon as we arrived we Picked out the two bookcases we knew would be
going home with us. Fortunately, they both looked like they would Fit into the
back of my SUV at the same time! There was a third bookcase we both would have
liked to have - but the same Dealer-guy that has bid against us the last few Auctions was
there again so he got that one. I gave him a good run-Up for his money though, so he paid a lot
more than I would have... Serves him right! Any way, this bookcase is a sweet little piece that fits
perfectly next to the Pew in the entry, just like it was meant to always be here. And, for only $150 I think
it was a great buy! Certainly less than we could ever find it for at an Antique mall - If we could find it! 

I even like it from inside the Kitchen

This is the second bookcase we wanted... It's mahogany too, like the other bookcase
we picked up. I love that it's in perfect condition. Great State Auction company seems
to only Select the best furniture pieces to auction - Stuff that people bought a hundred
years ago, put into their home and Never abused, only enjoyed - Which is why as long as
they keep Inviting us, we'll keep attending their Estate auctions!

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