Sunday, August 9, 2009

Potato Bundles and a tri-Tip

After finding tri-Tip at Costco yesterday and deciding to have it for dinner
tonight, I also decided it was Time to try Pioneer Woman's potato bundles

None of Pioneer Woman's recipes have let me down...

And, already, this one looks like a Winner!

Flat-leaf parsley and white onion. Two of my favs!

Everyone knows that Potatoes cannot reach
their Full potential without salt and pepper!

Heavy cream just puts this little side-dish Over the top!

Topping it with parsley makes it purdy...

Really... Could these bundles get any prettier?

Of course they can! Because butter makes it so!

See you bundles of Joy later - I have a Tri-tip to grill...

Like this!

After grilling 30 minutes it's time to rest!

See the grilled white Corn in the bowl? That's corn from his Garden today!

Our potato Bundles are done and they smell incredible! My taste-Tester
wants you to know that there are a Lot of flavors going on in there!

After fifteen minutes our Tri-tip is ready!

Just the way he Likes it!

Dinner is served...

.... Nicely!

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