Sunday, August 9, 2009

Always something New at Marsha's!

Before the Missing-person's reports and bleeding Ulcers of last night, there was a
beautiful Saturday spent running our errands. First on our list was Marsha's Koi for
some Fall pond winterizing chemicals and Fish food. Of course, I was also secretly
hoping to find a new Koi to replace my beautiful Freckles. There is always something
new to see at Marsha's and this trip was no different. New this time... Peacocks!

And, all the Lotus blossoms in the big Pond were in bloom!

Marsha truly has the most Beautiful fish!

It's a Feeding-frenzy!

What a View she has! I could sit here all day staring at this pond!

Oh, Lookie there!! A koi just like my Freckles... He said, No - that $100
is too much and I should start with a Smaller fish. But I said, No - I would
rather start with one that's too Big for the Heron to swallow this time!
Because we have a Koi pond in our back yard... Not a Sushi bar!

Marsha agreed with me on this one. So she Wrapped him up for me!

Welcome to your new home, Freckles II

You fit right in!

With Reno, Vegas, Bubbles, Zip and Bright

Now our Pond is complete again... Thanks, Marsha!

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