Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rare... Still just for Steak!

You already know that I am Crazy for Bridget's cookies! But
ever since I saw her Monogrammed cookies and then her
thank You cookies, I have been searching for the square
Crinkle comfort-grip cookie cutter by Wilton. Because
(kinda) like Bridget, I will be doing it again! This
is what the Wilton square Crinkle looks like...

But I couldn't find it. I went to all the Usual places I know to buy cookie
cutters... But nothing! It was even the first thing I asked for when we walked
into Cake Art near Atlanta last weekend. Still, the nice lady there told me the
Wilton square crinkle was discontinued a few years ago too. Then she showed me
this set of square crinkle cutters for $17.99. So I bought them and vowed to love them!

And, while the size is Perfect, they're just not
the Comfort-grip. We agree Comfort is important... Yes?

I'm almost sure I can find a use for this set. Besides, having
the smooth edge option for square cookies is good too!

Not being able to find what I wanted was Bothering me a little. Okay, a lot! So
on Monday evening I popped over to e-Bay and found a few sellers that have the Wilton square
crinkle Comfort grip cookie cutter listed! However, they mention Discontinued and rare too. And,
prices on active auctions for these cutters ranged anywhere from $10 to $31! So I googled...
And, guess what? Turns out there is a sweet little bakery Supply store in Santa Ana offering
the very same, very Rare and quite discontinued cookie cutter I've been searching for!
So I bought Three... Because one day they Might be rare! Now, I am on the Hunt for one of these


  1. OMG.....get the f*ck's at $187.00 freakin dollers! Honey...go get one custom made!!!

  2. I know, huh? Who knew cookie cutters could become heirlooms?

  3. Oh, how funny! I'm so glad you found them! I get asked about them ALL the time!!!


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