Friday, August 14, 2009

Cookie Time!

Now that our Dough is chilled (and I've spent a couple of hours soaking
up the Sun in my pool float) I can stop stalling and start Cutting cookies!

I saw This tutorial yesterday and knew it was the way to go! I'm not opposed to
using Flour to help roll out dough; however, knowing that too much flour could
make my cookies tough, I decided not to take the chance. Being a first-Timer, and all!

Rolling cookie dough between Parchment paper is Indeed the way to go!

Before baking I put my cookie sheets into the Freezer for 10 minutes. I read
that freezing helps cookies Retain their shape better during baking

And, it works! The first bouquet of our Daisies
are perfectly baked and cooling!

Not bad for my first attempt! One thing I will do better
next time is to pay Closer attention to the
thickness. Thicker cookies are softer. And, therefore, better!

Time for Stars!

Beautiful! Tomorrow we practice decorating with Royal icing!

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  1. Goodness Gracious Janet!
    You must have mixed up loads of dough to make this many cookies!
    Oh how I wish I could come to your house! These are perfection!! xxoox Just like you!


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