Sunday, August 9, 2009

Missing person Horror leads to make-Up cooking!

Did you know that in North Carolina you can file a missing person's report after only 12 hours of no contact with that person? Well, I am sorry and still more than a bit Freaked-out to tell you that we now know this little fact!

See, our newly Independent 18-year old decided to drop off the Radar for seventeen hours without telling ANYone. We last saw him at 3PM when we stopped by his apartment to deliver all of his Guitars. And, groceries. And, a little cash. Everything was a-okay until Midnight when I began to panic because the call I made to him at eight-thirty still wasn't returned. That's one thing about our Boys... They may not answer their cell phones all the time, but they always return calls. Without fail. And, usually, right away. But not this time... And, to make the situation worse, NO ONE knew where he was. For hours and hours we received call after call from his Friends to report that although they checked here, and There and everywhere, no one could find him.

When I finally suggested we drive over to the apartment at 1:30AM, someone was Not too happy with me. But by 2AM, he was the one on the phone with the Police and sheriff departments. We met the police at the apartment and after signing an affidavit, Maintenance allowed the police entry. The apartment was neat and clean and not a thing was out of place - Except our son was not in his bed at 4AM.

I won't bore you with the Horrifying hours that followed... However, I will tell you that hearing he wasn't in one of the local hospitals and that the highway Patrol, nor the police in several surrounding Counties, also had no contact with him was only slightly less painful than being left to ponder all the other What-if possibilities.

The call we waited all night for Finally came at eight o'clock... Full of apologies for not calling and Explanations of spotty cell phone coverage at a New friend's house. I can only thank God. And, wonder why we didn't just Stick with cats!

I had some apologizing to do of my own this Morning after the way my angst and Fear caused me to behave. Fortunately, all has been forgiven and all persons of this Family are accounted for this afternoon!

Somewhere around 6AM he suggested we numb ourselves with hot, fresh Krispy
Kreme doughnuts. I told him if we survived the night I'd bake him Cupcakes instead

After the night we had, only German chocolate would do!

And, while they Baked, only Tri-tip for dinner will do too!

Marinated overnight in Soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice and Merlot

A little cracked black Pepper and butcher's salt to finish

In the meantime, Lunch-time snuck up on us too!


While the cupcakes cooled we took our Lunch in
the den because it is Hot, hot, hot outside today!

I felt like having a little Fun with his cupcakes. And, nothing says fun like the Neon
food coloring I have left from that Cake decorating class I took last summer

Let's do Green first!

Because it's not Easy being this green!

Doing this is Easy though!

The cool thing about Tinted icing is the colors get darker as it dries

I feel Pink next!

Hot, neon Pink!

These disposable Pastry bags are the best!

I changed my Tips but you wouldn't know it because
this one looks almost like the last one. Hum...

Pretty in pink!

Now, for my Favorite Kansas State graduate, who
is also my favorite Kansas oil baron, I give you...


White sprinkles would make them KSU Perfect, huh?

So there you have it. Fun with Neon food coloring!

Because after you have a major Freak-out over a
missing teenager, and say something like you Wished you
never left California because No one ever goes missing
in California... You better Bake your best make-up cupcakes

And, you better use Neon icing colors so he'll notice too!


  1. mmm... I think I need to come to your house for dinner. (and cupcakes, definitely the cupcakes)!

  2. ps - I'm glad he's okay! I got so distracted by the pictures of food that I had to go back and actually read the post. Happy endings are good, aren't they? Especially when they involve our loved ones.


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