Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspired by Ina... again!

It's been a few Months since the new kitchen counter tops were installed. Which means
the Michigan maple block that was the top of my Island has been standing in the solarium
a few months too. I knew I didn't want to chunk it out to the Dump but really, it
weighs a Ton... So what to do with it? Then, I watched eight episodes of
Ina's Barefoot Contessa in bed on Sunday, and it hit me! Those
butcher blocks she works on in her kitchen are ON TOP of
her counters... Thanks, Ina! Now I can do that too! 

The I being the man I married and the mouse in my pocket, of
course. Because we all know my Power tool skills are Limited to the kitchen
appliances I use. So we made a deal... I would Cook him dinner, (which I planned to
do any way) if he would carry the Block into the kitchen for me so I could eyeball it and
decide how much of it I need or want to keep. Seeing the block back on the Island
tonight makes me love and appreciate my Bigger work surface even more!

I'm kinda thinking I'd like to have it all... Just leave it as is!

Maybe not...

But I do need enough of it to at least accommodate my
griddle/Grill and the Panini maker. Because heat and Corian
are not friends. Bringing the block back is the Perfect solution!

I think that maybe I need a Little more around the sides to hold
the stand mixers too. Now that my lines are Drawn, someone can get
busy and saw and Sand all he wants... Or at least until my new, smaller,
Ina-kind of block is Perfect and passes inspection. By me, of course!

Now, my end of the deal... His vine-ripe Tomatoes, basil and whole milk
Mozzarella from Whole Foods can only mean one thing...Bruschetta! 

We ordered the Bruschetta appetizer at Brixx
Woodfired Pizza last weekend. And, we laughed.

It was a Pathetic excuse for Bruschetta. They should
be ashamed. And, they should really get a Clue!

I'll admit there are many variations. But trust me when I tell you that
what we were served at Brixx did not even live on Planet bruschetta

Gracious! There is nothing better than summer Garden tomatoes!

Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle...

Outside and on to the Grill we go!
Tonight he wants a filet but next time I do this I am topping
my Bruschetta with grilled prawns and calling it dinner! 

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