Monday, June 8, 2009

Yes, there was a Sunday!

I did not post last night because I wanted the Weekend blog to be about D-Day. As it should be. But, there was Shopping on Saturday and a bit on Sunday as well...

As you know, I've been on the Hunt for something to set atop the Music cabinet I found for the dining room. I had something specific in Mind; however, the Best price I found so far has been $1,500, and that's a bit much for something whose only purpose in my Life will be to exercise my Dusting skills. Therefore, when I saw this English ironstone tureen and underplate in Perfect condition yesterday, I decided to call an End to my search.

I already decided it would be Mine before inquiring the price or before the Dealer began his pitch. Nevertheless, I was polite and let him blather on about it. Who knows if it really is part of an estate out of Connecticut, or if what he was asking really was Less than he paid... And, who cares that he supposedly had a Friend on his way down from Maine this week to see it? Not me. Those facts, if indeed they are facts, sir... Are Irrelevant!

He named his price, I offered $25.00 less and he accepted. Because that's how it's done according to a Wise man that once told me, he who names Price first always loses. I'm better at it than most. And, I am especially better at it than the Man I married. He always, always names his Price first. And, because his offers are usually way, way too High, my dearest is always successful in making his Dealers very happy. It's the argument you hear between Us all the time... He says he doesn't Care if the item can be had for less because he only Offers what he is willing to pay. I think that's just Silly. Buying a piece for Less means I can buy More. It's called, Janet-math!

Although, I will say he's Better at it than now than he's been in the past. In so much that he's Learning to call me over to close his Deals for him. He's a work in progress. But you already knew that.

Any way, Tureen dealer is some friend, huh? I hope he called his Buddy in Maine and told him not to waste the trip!

The Reed and Barton soldered silver bowl is a Bedford find...
It has a Railroad stamp on it. Soldered pieces are quite a bit heavier
than normal silverplate, to withstand heavy use. These pieces often were
used in Hotels and on railroads. I have no particular use for the bowl. I just
liked the decoration on the rim. But I could see taking it to the Florist to have
an arrangement put into it, to use as a centerpiece or Filling it with fruit or a
fragrant holiday potpourri. And, it doesn't look bad here. So I think I'll keep it!

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