Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day. 65 years ago Today

We traveled to Bedford, Virginia early this morning to attend
the ceremony to commemorate the 65th anniversary of D-Day
Read about the Memorial here

There were Veterans from all branches of the
armed Services and some from other countries too

D-Day Veterans - Real American heros

All of this is new since our Last visit

Long way from Abilene, Kansas. Huh?

On the ceiling above Eisenhower is this mosaic

He has a great view...

Airborne all the way!

There were Two Ranger Battalions at D-Day...
Brandon always tells me, Rangers Lead the Way, Mom! Now he's
at Ft. Benning about to begin Ranger training. Life sure is funny sometimes

The Big Red One was there too

Lots of Interactive displays to check out here today

Everything a Soldier may have had with him that day

The smell of this GP-Medium sure was familiar! I will never forget
that Camping trip we took in Germany using one of these tents!

We decided to Explore Bedford for a while to let the Crowd thin out a bit. It's
pretty much what you Expect to find if you turned your watch back to 1956

Back at the Memorial for a last look and Quick trip through the gift shop

These quick Bursts of air push water up and there is
a Zinging sound to simulate bullets hitting the water

I don't care for that Sound too much or thinking about
the Horror those men encountered on that
beach. The horror my Grandfather faced on that beach

Crowd is almost gone now. I enjoy monuments More when they are quiet

There is a movement underway to have this Monument become part
of the National monument system. I think that's a splendid idea. Bedford is
struggling to keep the monument maintained and it Deserves better treatment

It deserves the Best treatment and upkeep!

We noticed this Statue again on the way in and I wanted
to get a closer look as we Walked back to the truck

I'm glad we made the Trip. Worth the effort today!

Such an incredibly Haunting statue

After the Memorial we headed toward Lynchburg... On the way,
we stopped at Rick's Antiques and General Store in Forest, VA. There
was lots to see! The best part was all the Old fixtures and display cases


View of Langley Fountain on the James River in Lynchburg, Virginia

At the base of Memorial Terrace is this lovely fountain

Going up? Yup! I'll race ya...

We found Lynchburg museum at the Top of our run

Looking back down Over my shoulder I see the Fountain again

On our Way back down now...
This time, we'll stop to read the monuments

Like this one. It's the memorial to those
from Lynchburg lost in WWII

My plan is to Sleep in tomorrow. Wish me Luck!

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