Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You know what This means... It means that I'm finally going to cook Ribs in my
fairly new Crock Pot BBQ Pit! I came home at Lunch to make it happen. It's situations
like this that make me Love my 7-minute commute. Home for Lunch. Always a Good thing!

Another good thing... My new Corian deep sink!

No other place in my Kitchen I would dare do this! Which makes
me wish I had this Sink when the boys were little. This would indeed
make a great baby-bath sink. Or a Fabulous puppy-washing sink. But we
won't Go there... Tried that, and found out there's only room in this house
for one High-maintenance b!tch and that's me! So I'll stick to washing ribs...

Ha! I can be as Messy as I want and use all the Rubs I want too!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, three Racks in a tub

I love this! I don't care for Pork or any meat on a
bone, but even I have to admit this is kinda cool!

Off we go!

See ya in a Few hours... Gotta get back to work!

I can't tell... Do you think it's the Baffle on my birdfeeder that has this
little Guy stopped in his tracks outside the Solarium. Or something else?

Something like the scent of Ribs cooking away in the Solarium, perhaps? Could just
be seeing me walk by the window. But my Money's on the ribs... Oh, Look! Our little
Crock Pot BBQ Pit sure has been busy this afternoon. I think it's Time for sauce!

This is called Country Boy's Num Num Sauce and trust me, it's
pretty Great! I never heard of it before Costco offered it as a Demo item
last year. Since then, there's always been a Bottle in our refrigerator!

If a little is good, More will be better

Falling off the bones already...

Imagine what another hour simmering in this Sauce will do for it!

This is for MC...
Yes! I was happy to Donate our old set of flatware to the WMO
project last weekend. Mostly because he needed a set and I've been
looking for an Excuse to buy this set... Find it Here! I picked up Two sets for
a Service of eight. Because it's just the two of us now. I know. Makes no sense!

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