Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday find!

We are on the mailing list with an Auction house in Wilksboro. Last week, we received a flier announcing an Estate auction at a home up there. Last night we planned to take off early this morning to arrive by the 9:30AM start time for the auction. However, this morning, we remembered we had an appointment to have the new Carpeting installed in William's room at 9AM. Although this delayed us a couple of Hours, we decided to go any way.

The auction was a bust. When we arrived at noon and looked through the House and outside at what was left to be auctioned, I quickly decided that there was nothing I would take into my house - and, even the Stuff we saw sitting around the Bidders (that was already auctioned) didn't Impress me either. So we left and drove into Wilksboro to piddle through our Favorite antique mall there - Wilksboro Antique Mall.

It's one of the Few antique malls with a decent Fire King Jade-ite
selection. And, right now, everything in this Case is 20% off!

I took a pass on the Jade-ite because I still have several e-Bay auctions
going my way... But in the next room, This caught my eye in a Big way! Can't
you just see it at a Party covered in Cupcakes or stacked up with finger
sandwiches? Or what about displaying a Massive tiered cake atop it? This would
be a Caterer's dream too! Functional, and a Conversation piece to boot!

Truly, the biggest Cake stand I've ever seen. And, you know what
a Fan I am of cake stands! But when I looked a little closer, I discovered
this is no Ordinary cake stand... It's a Lazy Susan and it's in Perfect condition!

Now I know what it is! 23" glass Lazy susan by the United States glass company...
But the price on the card is blank so I went to talk with the shop owner about
it... Turns out it Belongs to an 80-year old woman who bought it new in 1956. He
said he doesn't believe she ever Used it either. I think I would like to have it!

I am Loving all this yellow kitchenware too!

Upstairs, I found this Red themed kitchen - Too cute!

If you're searching for Fiestaware, Wilksboro Antique Mall is your place!

They also have the most Beautiful German Cuckoo clock I have ever seen. And,
having been Born and raised there, I've seen lots of German cuckoo clocks!

We love taking the Road to wherever it leads us. Today, the back-
road from Wilksboro lead us to Hiddenite. Who knew?

Not much to see in Hiddenite, but this is cute...

Very cute! Just out in someones back Yard, along the road

The shopkeeper at Wilksboro Antique Mall said the little old lady selling
the glass Lazy Susan brought it into his shop in the Original 1956
box. Even has her name on it, and the original Packing material!

That was Great because it made it easier to bring it home!

I love it!

Makes me want to have a Party...

Start a catering Company or...

Bake a Massive tiered cake!

Oh! I almost forgot... I did find a few more pieces of Jade-ite today...
These four Charm luncheon plates caught my eye right away. They are
on my Wish-list. I've heard they are pretty Pricey, and remain so since a lot
of the Fire King Jade-ite still available is being bought up by the Japanese

Yup. That is $41 each plate. To me, that's just Crazy-talk. Hopefully, for
this Shopkeeper in Statesville, the Japanese tourists will find her soon...

This is the Toaster oven you want! I found it at Costco last night
and since all of my other appliances are Kitchenaid, it was a must
have. I took the Emerson I bought last week back to Target tonight

Someone just came in from the Garden and brought me his first Hydrangeas!

My croutons are done - it's Salad time!

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