Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cover your Eyes!

When I ordered all the new Windows for the house, I chose to eliminate all the grids in the design of the old windows to help Expand our views. Grid lines were welcome in California where anything that distracted from the fact that we were Surrounded on all sides and shared a Fence with five different neighbors (yes, that IS possible!) was necessary.

But here, where the purchase of the House was all about the property first, and especially the no-Neighbors-at-all backyard views, haing Grids on the windows was the Last thing I wanted. I've never regretted my decision. Until tonight...

When, while doing dishes, I was
confronted by Squirrel penis!
And, nuts too!
Modesty amongst our Squirrel population seems to have gone
out with my desire for Grid lines on our windows because they're
letting it all Hang out! And, how do you like that Squirrel-proof
bird feeder? It's just doing a Dandy job. Don't you think?
Thank you for Tucking away your goodies...
Yes! I am talking about you. Didn't your
Momma teach you any manners?
I'm going to have to have a Chat with her!

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  1. Hi - there's no such thing as a squirrel proof feeder.
    I just stopped by because I saw your name at the Planet of Janet and I'm always curious about bloggers named Janet.


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