Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I slipped!

Before I share my Slip with you... Take a look at this!
This is why I need to buy Stock in Clorox wipes immediately

Bing knows this trick Drives me crazy. It's probably Payback for locking
him in the house and out of the Solarium while I'm away at work

So here is the slip. I Confess... I went back to Seller-Steve for a few
more Fire King jade-ite restaurantware chili bowls, and They're here!

Yes. I do think I have enough bowls! Now it's time
to Concentrate on plates. I'm thinking Charm...

I may need to Consider clearing out another cabinet though
because, the Truth is, there are a few More pieces coming!

Awww, Look! Someone added Roses today to the
hydrangeas he brought me from the Garden last weekend

Come on, Bing. Let's call Wednesday a wrap and go Snuggle...
Besides, your Butt really does need to come off my counter tops now!

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