Friday, June 12, 2009

It was a Day!

This is how much Rain fell with last night's storm. As I lowered the Umbrellas on
the deck I noticed that he left his empty Iced tea cup on the railing. I meant to take it into
the house with me, but didn't. This morning, I found it almost full. That's a Lotta rain!
I had a rather Crappy morning. I set the Kitchen ablaze frying bacon. I plan
to duplicate an Incredible spinach salad recipe (Here) for dinner on Sunday and
thought since I was frying Bacon for breakfast this morning, I would fry a little extra
to hold over for the salad. But... all my plans to Save a little time went up in Smoke, so
to speak, when I accidently moved the plate covered in Paper towels (to drain the bacon)
too close to the gas burner Flame. Poof! Before I knew it, the paper towels were on fire
and it was all Quite scary. I had to think Fast to get the flaming plate off my New countertop
and out of the kitchen. Taking the plate over to the Sink wasn't an option since I'm not exactly
sure what damage Fire will do to my new Corian sink either. Finally, it came to me! Throw the
flaming plate into the garbage can! And, that's what I did. Problem solved... After smothering
the plate with a towel, I grabbed the smoking can and rushed it into the garage. Where was T
while all of this was going on? He was in the den trying to catch a frightened Bluebird. Yes! As
we took our breakfast we heard quite a commotion coming from the chimney flue over the
Gas log set. When we muted the Television, we could clearly hear there was a trapped bird
fluttering about inside. What to do? Well, I went into the Kitchen to put away our dishes
and fry up the extra Bacon for my salad. And, then, catch the Kitchen on fire! Any way,
when I rushed the Garbage can into the garage I almost Tripped over this sweet little
face standing at the door! After we got the Bird out of the den, and my kitchen was
back in order we took our new little furry Friend for a ride. The collar meant
there had to be a Family nearby she belonged to. But which family was it?
We drove through the Neighborhood knocking on doors for about an
hour without any luck. We couldn't take her home again because Bing was
already going nuts and I could even Think of leaving her outside to fend for
herself. So we went to the Forsyth animal shelter to turn her in. However, having
worked for an animal shelter, an Experience at seventeen I will NEVER forget, I
asked the woman there First what would become of kitty. Specifically, after seeing
the Aquarium room full of Kittens just as cute as this one behind her, I asked if they
were a Kill shelter. I think I surprised her, but eventually the woman Admitted that
they do take Federal money so they do, humanely euthanize animals that Cannot be
placed within ONE WEEK! One week? That's all? I heard her say Someone about
doing what they can to get the Animals adopted, but I was walking away too fast to
hear how that story ended. When he saw me coming out of the Shelter the same way
I went in... with Kitty, he knew we were on to a Plan B. Plan B was to stop at the
craft Store for a piece of neon Poster board and to take Kitty back home for a
meal. As we pulled into the driveway we both Looked into the carrier and saw
kitty was Crashed. I carried the carrier back into the garage and Hijacked a can
of Fancy Feast from Bing's stash. After giving kitty a bowl of Fancy Feast and a
fresh bowls of water I sat down to Fashion up a sign with my neon poster board
that read, Found Kitten! Please call to claim - and I gave my Cell phone number.
Within an hour we had a Call but unfortunately, it was someone looking for
another kitten that didn't fit this Kitty's description. Without another call before
dinner, we made our way through the Neighborhood again and with the help of our
neighbor, who thought she knew about where this Kitty might belong, we were
able to find its owner. I suggested to the family's nanny, who answered the
door, that they either Keep sweet kitty-puss inside (which I believe is where all pets
belong, unless they own a Horse!) or at least invest another $1.00 for her collar
to include a little make-it-yourself Phone number ID tag. Otherwise, I told her,
I will just have to keep this sweet Creature as my own. Nanny explained that she's
been Looking for kitty all day, and that she must have escaped through the dog door
Speaking of Creatures...

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