Sunday, June 21, 2009

While his Cake bakes...

While his Father's Day cake bakes, we're taking a Spin around
the garden. The first thing I notice is the Cucumber going crazy!
I sliced up the one he brought in Last night for our sandwiches this
afternoon. And, there are probably a Dozen more that will be ready soon!
The fence around our raised bed Veg-garden this year is a turn-
off but without it, there would be no produce produced! Between the
cute Raccoons and the sweet deer, our garden doesn't stand a chance!
Down at the pond...
... the Ferns are giant and the water plants and Hostas are blooming!
The moss on this Birdbath has taken off
with all the Rain we've had lately...
I (much) prefer Mophead hydrangeas but the man I love keeps planting
these Lacecap hydrangeas instead. There is one beautiful Mophead in the
garden for me. One. But I'm working on him... Because I never give up!
Now, this lacecap Hydrangea by the pool equipment
house is a beautiful pink/Purple color, and I do like it!
The Japanese magnolia in the front yard is about to Bloom
Coming around to the back yard again, we see our duck-Trio is here for lunch!
That was quick! They've left plenty for the Deer I know will be by later
Off to the Creek they go! 1 waddle-waddle, 2 Waddle-waddle, 3 waddle-waddle
Thanks for stopping by. See you again Real soon!
My strawberry Bundt cake is done so it's Time to break out all those Doilies
I picked up at Cake Art in Georgia. But not these, they're way too small!
Fortunately, I have no shortage of Cake stands to work
with so these Small ones won't go to waste!
Now, this size is Perfect for today...
I intended to stay Put today but I can't call this Yummy cake complete
without adding fresh Strawberries and whipped topping to finish... So I
may have to make a quick Trip to the market. But first, it's Pool time!

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