Monday, June 8, 2009

Make this Salad!

Can you Guess what I'm making for dinner? Cubed
organic Monterey sourdough tossed with Olive oil, sea salt
and Cracked black pepper should give it away. Does it? Give up?

My home-made Croutons can only mean dinner is Salad!

Okay, here is the deal... Last week I was invited to a Pampered Chef party. I know that I am Forbidden to attend those parties but the Hostess is one of my Favorite people at work and she just had a Baby in March. A sweet little girl I was dying to see. And, to hold. And, to rock to sleep.

So I forgot that I own at least Two of everything The Pampered Chef sells, (and in too many cases, three or four of Every single item) broke all the rules and went to the show. Just to see the Baby, of course.

And, boy! Am I ever glad I did... The recipe the Consultant prepared for us was Amazing. It's called Thai Chicken stir-fry salad. Get it Here. I could not get enough. I ate so much I was almost embarrassed. Fortunately, everyone else was having the Same problem I was.

Here is the Trick though... The salad dressing, Kraft's Creamy Poppyseed, used for this Recipe, the one that makes my eyes Roll back into my head like this one I told you about Here does... Well, in our area it's only sold at Walmart. At first, I didn't believe it. But after avoiding going to Walmart and driving to Four different grocery markets instead, I finally Gave in and went where I was told. And, that's exactly where I found it!

I modified the recipe a bit by Trading the chicken for a rib-eye. I didn't really want
to, but since we had chicken for Dinner last night, I had no choice. Also, to me, this
dressing could only be made Better by including strawberries. So I did! I also traded the
spinach for Romaine. Finally, as much as he Hates it, I just couldn't not add Bleu cheese!

I bought Five bottles. Something tells me I need to Stock up. If it's only sold
at Walmart it could mean Kraft plans to do something Crazy like discontinue
it! Any way, I allowed the Peanuts to stay and added a Roma tomato too

The Pampered Chef consultant added fresh Ginger and a little
crushed Garlic to the dressing so I'm doing the same. You know what
they say... If it ain't Broke...! Give it a little Twirl with a whisk, and let
the dressing rest for 15-20 minutes to allow the Flavors to marry

I now pronounce you, Ginger, garlic and
creamy Poppyseed dressing. Yum!

Using my egg slicer to Slice strawberries is a good thing!

While the steak Sizzles on the grill I'll take a look
around the deck. I enjoy these Cat's whiskers so much. Not
to mention that Gorgeous potted boxwood!

All of my rose bushes are Full of bloomers; however, so far, only
these on the Deck have survived the Deer that visit at night.

Steak's done! Oh, this is gonna be So good! He hates bleu cheese so I'm taking a risk
here... But since I never tell him how to Garden, I think he should just trust me to
know what's Best for this recipe. Right? Right! And, if that logic doesn't work for
me, then I'll just deny I used it at all. That's worked more than a Few times!

There's never been more Flavor in one dish. I promise you that!
The best part of Watching him enjoy this salad was seeing the Extra effort
he went to not to Miss a bite of the bleu cheese crumbles. I call this a Success!

While I did the Dishes... I saw that someone else was just Starting her early
dinner outside. Please, please do me a Favor and avoid his Hostas and my roses!

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