Sunday, June 28, 2009

3,700 shows, and Counting!

It's been a Blurry few days since dad's Successful bypass surgery. Made blurrier by being 3,318 miles from his front door, of course. Despite what's been going on in my Heart and in my head about him, I've managed to move through the Hours and do what my dad asked me to do instead of Catching that 6AM flight out of Raleigh on Tuesday.... Stay put, go to work and do, My thing.

So on Friday, between my calling Mom and taking her calls to Update us - and by the way, Mom's doing an amazing job, staying Strong and being dad's rock - Terry and I did see America. Without the Airstream...

Honestly, we planned Not to go. I was fine just letting the Ticket price be our donation to the North Carolina Children's Home society this year since they put on the show. We didn't change our minds until two Hours after the show began - after staring at the walls and Worrying about dad began to take its toll. This, as it turned out, was our best Decision about the event since just as we arrived, the sky opened up and Cleared the stage and the park. Since our little camping loveseat was completely dry and my massive golf Umbrella I always have in the truck promised to keep us that way, we stepped right up to a spot front and center of the stage, and waited out the storm. After it passed, we Found ourselves with the Best spot at the show! After the tarps were removed from the Equipment and the stage was dried, America put on a show that was well Worth waiting for!

America, the band, puts on 100 shows each year. What is perhaps
more Impressive is that they've done this for Thirty-seven years!

I hope you'll Enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them

And now, a little of my Favorite America song. Just for you...

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