Friday, June 19, 2009

Feast your Eyes!

Suddenly, and kinda without trying, my Plate rack is almost
full of Fire King Jade-ite! As Martha would say, It's a Good Thing!

I love Summer hours at Hanes and having Fridays off. Especially
on Fridays when my mail lady brings me packages like this one!

How sweet is seller-Karen's note? God Bless, dear, she says...
I say, He has. God blessed me with her beautiful and Perfect jade-ite!

As soon as the Closet doors were back up in William's old room this morning I
began the task of organizing all of the closets Upstairs. I filled six huge Leaf bags
full of stuff that just Needed to go... Everything else is exactly where it belongs. It just
feels Amazing to be rid of the Clutter. Honestly, my duvet collection was Out of control!  

Look! The new Door is up, which means project, convert-Empty-bedroom
is complete! I love the new door style I selected and the sweet man I married
even went the extra mile to replace all the old Brass hinges (on all 7 new doors!)
with new brushed nickel ones to match the Door knobs. He doesn't miss a trick! Huh?

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