Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He wants America for Father's Day!

Last night, when I asked the man who has Everything (everything being Me!) what he wanted to do for Father's Day he said, I'd like to go see America.

So I said, Me too, let's buy that Airstream Flying Cloud we shopped in Greensboro a few weeks ago and just Take off! Then, silence. And then, the look. Then, he rolled his eyes at me and walking away, Mumbled something about, this is what he gets for Marrying someone younger.

Turns out, America, the Band is coming to Greensboro on the 26th and he very much wants to hear them play. But unlike the last time This came up, I do remember America! So we're going. I just bought our tickets. Sadly, there are no VIP packages offered, and worse, the Concert will be outside, which means I better rush out to buy one of these quick!

As it turns out, the Concert benefits the North Carolina Children's Home society so that's a Reason to go! That and the fact that I've been known to enjoy a song or two by America.

Although, I have to admit, even though America released records well into the 80's, every song they play takes me Back to, and sounds like, A Horse with No Name, which was on their very first Album in 1971. I remember that song because it was very popular the year we left Germany to live in Kansas while dad served in Vietnam. Even at five, I couldn't get enough of American radio. As I recall, I didn't forget all the words to, I'm leaving on a Jet plane or Bye-bye-Miss-American-pie until I was at least thirty!

So we're off to see America. Sans the new Airstream...

Hopefully, this experience will earn me something great, like This fabulous trade-off I earned going to see Three Dog Night with him last year!

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