Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jade-ite, day Two!

Came home this Evening to find another e-Bay box waiting! Nine, cute-
as-a-Button berry bowls and Four more restaurantware chili bowls all for
me! This time, sold by a lovely man in Indiana. I've never been to Indiana but
Seller Steve tells me that's where there is a Church that decided to liquidate
all the wonderful Fire King Jade-ite stashed in the kitchen. Lucky me!

Check out that Packaging! I love e-Bay sellers that actually give a Darn about
getting the stuff I pay for to me in one piece... Or in my case, 13 pieces! By the
way, Steve's church is also selling 100 of These. I wish I had a use for them!

First time I've ever Seen or touched a Jade-ite berry bowl, and I like!

I like them Very much!

Seller Steve tells me that he has More of
these... That's great. Because I may need more!

Welcome home, Sweet Jade-ite!

Someone sent me an e-mail to Ask just how the Utensils in my
crock on the Island stand up so straight. Despite what it looks like,
it's not Magic! It is a little embarrassing though. You see... 

It's Rice! Why is it embarrassing? Because as I poured a
brand new, whole bag of Rice into my crock and it became
clear to him what I was doing, the Man I love reminded me
that there are People in the world starving for whom this
amount of rice is more than a Month's worth of food 

I feel Terrible. And, I apologize. Clearly, I wasn't thinking!

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