Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I won't be Looking any more!

There is something you may Not know about me.

I have a secret.... I've been hunting Fire King Jade-ite dinnerware and restaurantware since Three minutes after Martha Stewart first mentioned it on her show. That was what? Fifteen years ago, right? I don't mind telling you, it's been a Frustrating 15-year hunt!

See, I prefer to buy things New. And, I won't buy anything that's not Perfect, which only adds to the Frustration of my Impossible hunt. You throw my unwillingness to Compromise on top of the fact that Jade-ite is pretty hard to find and Impossible to find in quantity and you basically have Fifteen years of doing without. And, let me tell you, it's hard to do Without when you're as obsessed with this stuff as I am. How obsessed? Like, fantasizing about being transported back to the 1950's with today's Income to buy-out every store, obsessed. Or, daydreaming about Discovering an old, abandoned cafeteria full of Jade-ite restaurantware and being invited to take all that I can load into a truck, obsessed. No... not to Sell for profit, just to Own for me! Lately, I have been considering Stalking yard sales, but I'm not there quite yet. Why? Because there's still e-Bay!

I have resisted e-Bay all these years. Mostly, because I have been resistant to letting Go of my dreams of stumbling on a ton of Jade-ite for free. But also because I can't stand the stories. The stories told by the Lucky few who have actually stumbled into the abandoned cafeteria, or bought up the Estates full of Jade-ite from little old ladies that wanted to pay them to haul off all those old, Simple and cheap green dishes they think no one in their right Mind would pay money for.

However, after seeing Pie Near Woman's Jade-ite collection on her blog last year I decided that if she has to acquire it through e-Bay, then my dreams of owning a Collection like the one she Enjoys probably won't come to me any other way either. I mean, daydreaming and Fantasizing will only get me so far. Right? And, I'm not getting any Younger (sigh), and I'm not about to take up Yard sale stalking as a hobby. Truth is, the prices on e-Bay beat everything I've ever seen offered in any of the Antique stores we've been to, and the Quality and selection is Far better too. Gee, I'm starting to sound like a commercial for e-Bay. Believe me, I'm not happy about it either!

What I am happy about is This:

My very First purchase of e-Bay Fire King Jade-ite
restaurantware! And, the best part is that the seller was just
as Fabulous as the pieces he sold me! Feast your eyes on Perfect,
never-been-used, which Qualifies them as new in my book, Jade-ite!

And, I have just the Spot to display them... Move over, Pyrex!

Until today I'd never seen Jade-ite restaurantware in person. It's quite
a bit heavier than household Jade-ite, which makes me Love it even more!
I especially love this Fat little bead (lip) around the rim of this Chili bowl...

You can tell the every-day Jade-ite bowl, meant for household use is a little
smaller and the edge is Straight, without the cute fat rim. I will be sticking
with the Restaurantware from now on but I'm still glad to have these!
So I won't be Looking to antique stores for Jade-ite any more. Why
should I?, with Sellers like Jay Hisle out there, I'm sticking with e-Bay! See
what other Jade-ite pieces Jay is selling Here But if you Bid against me
I'll be unhappy ... Because I have a Cabinet to fill. Stay tuned!

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