Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Snow Owl Cookies!

When I first saw these autumnal owl cookies designed and
created by Dani of Sweet Dani B, I knew I'd be skipping the usual
pumpkins this year and making them for Halloween myself. Then, in
the middle of my project came the call that Ranger was deploying...
So I tossed the remaining naked cookies into the freezer and we
rushed down to squeeze him and to say our, see ya laters...
Then, two weeks ago, while creating Penguins to take
to Mixed, I found my owls again. Once thawed, they were
as fresh and delicious as they were the day they came out
of the oven. And of course, they were still waiting for my
decoration! So I adjusted Dani's design to create my own
version of Christmas snow owls. And, for very good reason...
You see, someone I work with has the three cutest kids. And, those three
little sweethearts recently sent their mommy to work with bags full of
goodies they bought with their allowance that they asked me to add to
the care-packages for the Ranger and his battle-brothers. So, I cannot
think of three more deserving recipients for my Christmas snow owls...
Can you?


  1. LOVE the owl cookies! And what wonderful, thoughtful kids to donate their allowance money for Ranger and his buddies! Santa will certainly be good to them this year!

  2. Those owls are too cute. Those children have been raised correctly if they're willing to give their allowance for the Ranger & his battle buddies! Sweet kids.
    Susan from Michigan:)

  3. OK all these wonderful looking cookies has me running yes running to my kitchen for, for, for... gosh darn it there are no cookies in my kitchen. Oh well I'll just enjoy drooling over yours for awhile.


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