Thursday, November 29, 2012

Attending my first Blogger conference and Cookies for a great cause!

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Mixed, a blogger conference
in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! The conference is being held
at Mountain Lake Hotel, which was the location for the movie, Dirty
Dancing. Please don't tell anyone I've never seen that movie! So what
does a blogger conference have to do with my Martha Stewart penguin
cookie cutter? Well, OXO is one of the sponsors and they've asked all
attendees to bring along a couple dozen of our favorite cookies to raise
awareness and money to support the fight against pediatric cancer. OXO
employees coordinate bake sales as part of their Good Cookies program
and OXO matches funds raised! Anyone, any group can host a bake sale so
if you're interested in being a Good Cookie too, read this and get involved!
I'm getting involved by donating a few dozen of my favorite, which
happens to be Bridget's sugar cookies, also known as my favorite
sugar-butter canvas! I've been eager to use Martha Stewart's penguin
cookie cutter and so I did... To create this little group of happy penguins!
They look like they're on a double-date, don't they?
I have to tell you something very exciting! I decorated these cookies
without outlining first! I know I said I'd never be able to do it but the
more I watched Dani free-hand ice her cookies, the more convinced I
became that I might be able to do it too - And, I did! Of course, Dani's
icing bottles help a lot because the decorating tip is built right in!
Believe me, the fact that I iced 50 penguins free-hand without making
one mistake shocks me as much as I'm sure it does you... But it's true!
It will be difficult to let them go tomorrow... Which is why I
plan to donate them and then buy them back as quickly as I can!
If you're creating penguin cookies or any decorated cookie that's about this
size, I highly recommend using pretzel stick candy bags. They are perfect!
 All that's left is to tag 'em and bag 'em!
Then off we go!
By the way... Check out this cast of speakers at Mixed! Can you believe
it? Clearly, Paula and Susan have way outdone themselves... If you
really want to feel your heart pound, take a look at the sponsors!
I am so excited and I also wish you were coming with me!


  1. Oh my! Those are really cute penguins!!! Have a wonderful time at the Blogger conference--take pics for us!! Andrea in WA

  2. I wish I'd known! I totally would have gone with you!

  3. The penguins look almost too good to eat! Have a wonderful time at the conference; we'll all be anxious to hear what you learn!

  4. Such beautifully decorated cookies! Very professional! Have a great time at the conference! I'm glad to have found your blog to follow along!!!

  5. Love these! So much that I went on eBay and found a cutter very similar to yours. My older sister (named Janet) loves penguins so I am going to do a penguin theme for my Christmas dinner table. Have fun at the conference!

  6. That is so exciting to hear you are involved in such a great cause. Your penguin cookies are pure perfection. I better not let my granddaughter see this as she will want me to make her some. lol I know you will have a great time and I'll be praying for your safety while traveling. Warm hugs,A

  7. Where did you find your candy hearts? I have some but they are not as defined as yours are.

    Thanks Jessica!

  8. Janet your cookies are fabulous! I am keeping my little pink penguin on my desk - he's to cute to eat! I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband and look forward to keeping in touch :)

  9. Those look fabulous! I love birds :) I want a blue penguin! :)

  10. Cutest cookies ever Janet!
    I've never seen PINK penguin cookies!
    You have mastered the cookie decorating!
    And those happy tags~are WAY cute!
    I could spend a day over here in your world catching up!
    Love you!

  11. As always, beautiful cookies Janet! I love that penguin cutter too!



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