Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Things by David.... Cookies by Janet!

Today is a very special occasion for two reasons... First, 27-years ago
today, I married the love of my life. But since we'd only met twice
before we married, only God knew for sure that he was meant for me!
                                                             Photo by David at: Good Things by David
Today is also a very, very special occasion because I'm featured at my
friend David's blog today!! Please do pop over... You'll first notice a few
famililar things; however, I am absolutely sure you'll fall in love with David
too and, enjoy learning more about him and all the truly Good Things he
shares with his readers. David is the go-to source for so many things I
know we all have in common. Thanks, David - I really, really heart you!


  1. I heart you too Janet!! Let's keep sharing the good things in life!


  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary Janet. All the best for many more years. David's post was wonderful, just like you.

  3. Thanks to you, I follow David's blog and was ecstatic to find you featured there!
    Happy Anniversary and many more!

  4. Oh no I missed your anniversary while I was away. I sincerely hope it was filled with much love and many blessings. A late Happy Anniversary you two.


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