Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Martha Stewart kitty-cat Cookie Cutter Collection

Tonight we're just going to remember our Bingee in
a sweet and happy way with some cookies I created for
his amazing veterinarians and their wonderful staff!
I feel so fortunate to have this set of vintage Martha by Mail
kitty-cat copper cookie cutters sent to me by Michael Bonne
They helped me make the sweetest kitties!
All kinds of kitties!
Sitting, standing, leaning and the, just-being-fluffy kind of kitties!
This one reminds me of Bing, which is why I'm keeping this cookie!
This one reminds of a cat that belonged to a girl I went to junior high
with... Her cat's name was Chalky and until I saw him, I didn't realize
cats could be as big as and could weigh more than most dogs. Truth
be told, until I met Chalky's owner, I didn't know 13-year old
girls could weigh less than most cats either! But I digress...
When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was a dog. Then the Captain
retired, we left Germany to move to the states and my brother and I
were allowed to pick out both a dog and a cat... And, that's when I
immediately realized I was more of a cat person than a dog person!
I loved our dog, especially after she ate my glasses when I was in the eighth
grade and I got to try contact lenses instead of getting new ones. Hey! If you
remember hard contact lenses, raise your hand! Anyway, as much as I loved our
dog Max, there was something special about our cat. Reedy was the cure for all
my teen-angst and, anything else that went wrong... She was just like our Bing!
Cats just know...
And then they love you anyway!
God must have known we were losing Bing because a few months after
Bing got sick, Leo came into our lives. He's nothing like Bing though...
He's deaf, aggressive and because he's always attacking our feet, we
are very much considering taping orange caution cones to his back!
But Leo needs us and, when he's not jumping on
our faces at 3AM, we're pretty pleased to be needed!
People have asked if we plan to add another cat...
But I think as much as I miss having a cuddly cat like Bing very much was...
Leo shall remain an only child...
For now...
Until my heart is healed a bit more...
And, maybe until I meet a gentle kitty like Bing was...
Who could love me without biting but who could also...
Stand up to a big bully like our Leo!
I'm afraid Bingee may have been one of a kind...
Besides, until our Ranger returns from his deployment
there will be no replacing his Bing. And, even then I'm afraid...
We will never, ever be able to replace him!


  1. These are such sweet kitty cookies, Janet, and how very thoughtful of you to bring them to your vet & staff. You have such a warm, warm heart!

    Bing was a treasure, and it will take a long, long time for your heart to heal. Even if you end up gaining another kitty besides your Leo, it will never "replace" Bing; rather, that kitty will just take up a different space in your heart.

    *hugs & hairpats*, my friend - from a fellow kitty-lover.

  2. Janet...so sorry to hear about Bing. Funny how those sweet furries have a way of burrowing deep into our hearts. Still missing our beloved Abby...two more kitties adopted us a few months after we lost her. I can tell you from experience - you never find another like them. Each one has their own personality - and things you love about them.
    When we lost our home earlier this year - all of our furries were at home. Our dog watch our home disappear while she was in the back yard - and she was okay. Our two tabbies were found under broken beds, but safe. Our Simon...he was lost for a week, and had suffered a severe trauma...thankfully he is fully recovered, at least physically. I don't think our crew will ever be the same again. All of their personalities took a dramatic turn - none of them are like they were. But we are all together again and that is the most important thing.
    Somewhere out there - there is cuddly bundle of fur that is going to need a wonderful home. When you're ready - he'll be ready too.
    Cuddly purrs and hugs to you and yours.

  3. Janet, I just want to say how adorable all your kitty cookies are. I am so jealous of your flood icing. I have tried so many times and mine never turn out as beautiful as yours always do. Is there a trick to getting the right consistency?

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  5. The cookies turned out great. You make such beautiful cookies. I'd love to spend a say learning from you.

    I'm allergic to cats but being allergic doesn't stop me from being able to realize how special they are...I just can't own one if I want to breathe.

    Bing was a special cat but I think his family is just a special!

    Susan from Michigan

  6. Love the cookies and the stories. I know Bing is in your hearts to stay and can never be replaced with another. It's sad to loose a part of your family as Bing was and no words can express my sympathy for your loss.


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