Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating with Duff at Mixed!

One of the highlights of Mixed was the opportunity to decorate
cakes with Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore!
SpaBoy couldn't make it so I asked Duff to sign the apron
that is part of the awesome swag I'll take back to him!
I've seen Duff's products at Michale's and have always wanted
to work with fondant and experiment with airbrushing. Well,
today was my day because Duff's fondant was really easy to use
and he even took a moment to get me started airbrushing my cake!
In no time at all I had decorated a cake I was pretty darn proud of!
Unfortunately, I tripped going up the steps to my next break-out session
and my little cake went flying. It was me or the cake and, the cake lost!
Fortunately, I had another shot at it because while the morning session with Duff
was a private lesson with only nine participants, Duff was also on the regular
break-out schedule for all Mixed participants; therefore, at one o'clock I
got to meet him again and use even more of his fabulous decorating tools!
This time I airbrushed pearl onto my cake and then used
Duff's cake tattoo icing sheets to make my cake fancy!
Just like in the picture!
Duff was terrific and very hand's on!
Here he is putting the finishing touches on a cake for the girls
representing Way Better snacks, one of the many sponsors at Mixed!
This was a blast!
And, I'm happy to report that just like the Way Better snacks cake, my cake
made it up the steps too. The girls at the front desk were pretty happy about
that since I decided to give it to them as a thank-you for all their hard work!
My favorite cake from the class was this one. Too cute! 


  1. I am a huge Duff fan! What I'd give to have been able to tag along for this event, just to see him! Your cake was adorable, by the way~

  2. Oh my I know you had a great time with Duff. Your cake looks pretty amazing. I miss getting to see his show. I hope you will use what you learned and show us some fantastic cakes you make.As talented as you are at baking, I know they would be awesome. Have a great week. Hugs, A.

  3. Your cake(s) turned out wonderful. I am so jealous that you got to meet Duff!!!

  4. Happy to see that you are having a great time at Mixed! Love your penguin cookies from the earlier post.

  5. Whaaaaaaaatttt.....I didn't know you were going to Mixed. Wow, you're lucky. I think that would have been a ton of a fun. I hope you had a blast.


    Mary Kay

  6. Those look great- I really love the last cake :)


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