Friday, August 26, 2011

Ranger School Class 08-11

After graduation from Basic, Airborne and RIP and after a
Ranger proves himself and is selected, comes Ranger School!
We met at Victory Pond this morning...
 To see the Ranger School Class of 08-11 graduate!
 All he's ever talked about is getting his tab...
 And, today is the day that happens!
 It takes me a minute, but I can always pick out my Ranger from the crowd!
(Hint... Second row from bottom, 3rd Ranger in from left)

His team leader was there to see him graduate too!
Of the 130+ graduated, only three are from Regiment!
This is such a huge accomplishment. However...
What is even better than how proud we are of
him is seeing just how proud he is of himself!
And, he deserves and has earned the right to be Very proud! 
After graduation, when we arrived back at his
barracks, Ranger told us that with the addition
of his tab, his uniform is now complete...
 Congratulations, Ranger!


  1. I know you are proud of your children know matter what path they choose to follow in life. Having said that however, to see your son graduate from this grueling training (both mentally & physically) to accomplish a goal that has been near and dear to his heart, well, I'm sure just as it was his proudest moment to date (and will remain so for sometime)so too was it probably one of your proudest moments. He is a member of an elite force now and wearing that badge on his uniform will always be a source of great pride for him. It will also be a reminder that no matter what obstacles life may throw in his path, he has what it takes to overcome them. Most sincerest of congratulations to your Ranger.

  2. Congrats! Congrats! To both Brandon & you! What a wonderful, meaningful accomplishment, and I know you are enjoying every MINUTE with him!

  3. I can almost "hear" in your words just how proud of him you are. He is such an accomplished man and I know he makes you proud to be his momma.

    Congrats Ranger Brandon!

  4. Congratulations to your son on this tremendous achievement. He obviously had great parents to help him attain this honorable goal.

  5. What a fantastic accomplishment, and from what I hear, it's extra impressive to get all the way through Ranger school the 1st try! God bless him; the Army is lucky to have such a wonderful soldier.


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