Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finishing Touches to Christmas!

The plan for today was to spend the day shopping for Christmas
gifts. One for you... Two for me... However, the very first thing I
absolutely had to do was wrap my snowflakes to get them ready
to take with me to our team party. But a funny thing happened...
The more I wrapped snowflakes, the less inspired I felt to leave the
coziness of the house and confront the hustle and bustle I know is
going on out on the other side. So I decided to stay in and finish the
decorating we started last weekend. I began here in the kitchen!
Where I was immediately reminded that my new kitchen table is much
smaller than the one I thought I could live without and therefore, sold!
Now, only a fraction of my kitchen table decorations fit!
What's that saying?
Less is more...
Maybe so. However, there are some things I
refuse to celebrate a proper Christmas without...
And, two of them are my German mushroom
topped nutcracker and 3-tier nativity carousel!
When these are on the table, then I know it's Christmas!


  1. I love the carousels. Fredericksburg, Texas has a huge one on display in the town square at Christmas.

  2. Beautiful!! I can never get enough photos of your gorgeous cookies! I have always been a collector of "foodie" ornaments and display them on my kitchen tree. Some of my favorites are Hallmark. This year, they have a 1st in a series cookie cutter ornament! I bought four of them this summer when they hit the shelves. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you do because it is CUTE!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting the beautiful decorations in your home. I just got home last night and must finish my own decorating if I am to make it by Christmas. You always have the most beautiful displays of decorations and I love the versatile look they bring to the norm if you will Christmas decor. Love your home decorations. Merry Christmas House!


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