Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Martha Stewart by Mail Cookie Cutter

You already know that I'm absolutely in love with my little collection of
sadly, discontinued Martha Stewart by mail copper cookie cutters and, that I
am always on the look-out for opportunities to add more. However, what I
enjoy even more than the hunt for new additions is using my cutters to
create beautiful cookies to give away to the special people in my life!
And, that's exactly what I've been doing the past couple of days using
the kitty-cat collection and this exquisite Oh Christmas Tree cutter, both
sent to me by Michael Bonne who designed them for Martha Stewart! By
the way, there is incredible news to share if you love these cookie cutters as
much as I do, because while Michael and his lovely wife Teresa retired to
sunny Florida several years ago, now that their family is grown, Michael
has decided to design a whole new line of cookie cutters. Oh, happy day!
Speaking of happy... That's exactly how I feel about these cookies!
If you live in California or Pennsylvania...
You may want to begin checking your mailbox in a few days...
Because sugar is on the way!
Thanks to the wonderful ladies from the Imperial
Sugar Company I met a couple of weeks ago at Mixed...
My cookies have an excellent chance of making it in one piece
thanks to these tins we received as part of the amazing swag!
Now that my tins are registered, I'll be able to track their progress along
with all the other Bake it Forward tins sent to deliver happiness to others!
I am often asked what is the best way to send cookies to ensure they
don't arrive as crumbs and, I always recommend shipping cookies in
tins. These tins happen to be especially perfect because they were
designed to fit into the large, USPS priority mail boxes. I love that
Imperial Sugar cares as much as I do about delivering my cookies
in one piece... Especially the cookies I ship to our deployed Ranger
and his battle-brothers in Afghanistan. Thanks, Imperial Sugar!

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