Saturday, December 8, 2012

Martha by Mail Copper Cookie Cutters

Before we talk about the newest edition to my Martha Stewart by Mail
copper cookie cutter collection... Meet Lilly! Thanks to a Sur la Table
gift card I received from my mommy this week, she's the latest addition to
my LeCreuset collection. Tomorrow Lilly and I will make dinner together!
But this evening, it's all about some very special Christmas cookies I'm
creating with these wonderful Martha by Mail copper cookie cutters!
You already know that I'm a huge fan of the copper cookie cutters that
featured so prominently in the fine collection of home, kitchen and garden
treasures offered through Martha's Martha by Mail catalog business...
But secretly, I love the giants the best!
Why? Because I love giving cookies as gifts and
nothing surprises people more than a giant cookie!
I also love creating cookies to use as cake toppers!
So let's get busy decorating giant Christmas trees!
To send to very special people like my
parents, our Ranger and my friend David!


  1. OMGosh I love Lilly!! Thanks to you -- seriously -- I have a small collection of LeCreuset pieces. I adore them! I have yet to actually cook in them though because they are tooooo pretty. So I cook in my first 'knockoff' dutch oven from Walmart. :)

    Love your cookie cutters and how very special that he sent you those! Very cool!

    Thought about you a lot this week... my cousin from Australia arrived in the US today for a 5-week family vacation and the Biltmore is on their list to visit. And again I thought of you when I hung my glass mushroom ornaments on the tree.

    Always praying for your son and for your family. I know you're counting the days...


  2. You have some very special people come in to your life through some very special ways. Receiving the cat collection cutters from Michael Bonne is one example. I know one day you will have the heart to decorate the cookies for your vet and they will be beautiful.

  3. Lilly is beautiful. I have a faux version from a local food chain. Your cookie cutter story is awesome. I'm so sorry about your loss of Bing.

  4. So happy for you and the cookie cutters. They couldn't have a better home than yours. Neither could Lilly in my opinion. Enjoy them and let us see what you do with the trees.:)

  5. What a wonderful story. And I cannot wait to see the cat cookies when you are ready to make them. I also brought cookies to my vet after I let sweet Thumper go. I know that it is hard for them to let animals go too!


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