Friday, December 21, 2012

Martha by Mail... By Santa!

I put a little of mom and dad's Santa gift money to me to
excellent use this week by hunting down and buying a few
of the Martha by Mail copper cookie cutter sets on my wish list
How cool is it that this set arrived on the tenth anniversary of
the manufacturing date on the box? Clearly, it was meant to be!
Sets in this condition and complete like this one rarely
become available. And, when they do, they cost a bit more too...
But in my opinion, they're soooo worth it!
I cannot wait for Spring to come so that I can create Martha's beautiful bugs!
This is another find I'm so happy to be able to add to my collection...
Initially, I mistook it for a cake-pan set...
However, it's actually a set of four graduated star cutters meant
to cut sheet cakes into star-shapes. I can see using them to create
large star cookies too. I love it when a tool has multiple uses! 
When I stumbled on this set of rubber
scrapers I almost couldn't believe my eyes!
They were a must-have. And, I've already warned a certain
someone never to put them into the dishwasher because...
I'm washing these babies by hand!
Another gorgeous set of Martha by Mail copper cookie cutters... Fall leaves!
And this set is currently my very favorite...
And, the one I'm using today!
Beautiful, gleaming copper with the Martha by Mail stamp...
Makes my little heart go pitter-patter!
These are gifts that will last a life-time and, they
will certainly be put to good use in my kitchen!
Thank you, Mom and Dad. I mean... Santa!


  1. What a nice bounty you've received via mail! Yes, you have to wash those MBM spatulas by hand! Use them only for baking and not to stir up pasta sauces or other things which may stain. :)

  2. Oh how fun for you! It's going to be smelling so good in your kitchen that I'll be able to catch a whiff of it all the way down here. Have a great time making those wonderful cookies and I'm hoping to see pics of your yummy looking results.

  3. When I got my first Martha Cookie cutters delivered to my door I was so happy. First off it was a while ago. Long before they put her in jail. (use her as an example) Anyway...I was proud of the big cutters. I use them most every Christmas. Was it you that had the owl? I still want to find that one and create some feathered friends. Enjoy the Season of Christ. Blessings.


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