Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Decorating!

 I'm busy decorating cookies and the house this afternoon!
Here's to keeping the two projects separated!
Fortunately, I have some help today!
Speaking of help! I found a container of the owl cookies I
created at Halloween in my new freezer the other day!
There's nothing like finding cookies all
ready baked and ready to be decorated. It's...
Of course, it's Christmas time, not Halloween...
So I've decided that we must have Christmas snow owls!
If you haven't already added this cookie cutter to your
collection, you must! It's another heirloom-quality copper
cookie cutter from and, it was designed by
none other than Dani Fiori, also known as Sweet Dani B!
I think Dani would approve! 
What do you think?
See? I told you I had help today... Our William popped in and,
he managed to decorated the tree beautifully all by himself!
With a little assistance from his Leo, of course! 


  1. William did a great job on the tree! Nice to see him and Leo :) You are doing a great job on your cookies (as always) and the owl ones are especially nice and fun!

    Always a treat to find some cookies just waiting to be decorated.

  2. What sweet owls! Last year, I baked about 3 dozen Halloween-shaped cookies, and I never got a chance to "play" with them. I finally pulled them out Christmas Eve day, worked up a few crazy designs on them to make use of the "wrong" shape, and then took them to a party that night. They were a hit!

    Love seeing William & Leo together. Your kitties have always been such good "supervisors" of the holiday decorating. ;-)

  3. Impressive Christmas snow owls you made. Love the trees also. William did an awesome job decorating the Christmas tree, even with Leo's help. Love the candle ring on your counter. Everything looks nice especially those scrumptious looking cookies. Enjoy! Hugs, A


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