Sunday, September 12, 2010

Air Show Sunday

It was a Beautiful, breezy day to be a spectator at an air show. Breezy is
especially nice when you're sitting on a hot, airfield tarmac. Breezy isn't so great
when you're flying an airplane though. Which is precisely why I don't fly airplanes!
Among other reasons...
Airborne all the way, mom!
Now this is a sweet little plane... Just look at those cute curtains! 
Look... Hamster-people!
This C-47 transport plane was at last year's air show too!
Honestly, is there anything Geico doesn't sponsor?
I like the T-6 Texan!
There's lots to like about Navy fly-boys...
Especially the ones flying the Sea Harrier jet fighters
I think they're nice to look at... Especially when they're adjusting gear
Beautiful boys and beautiful Toys!
After a few hours at the air show we decided we
couldn't allow the rest of this amazing day go to waste...
So we packed it up, and took one last look around...
And then headed home so that we could watch the clouds breeze by...
From the comfort of our Pool floats!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Janet!
    Aren't air shows amazing!
    So glad you had fun and that you're still enjoying the pool!
    My daughter and her husband {who works for our University Football Team} were in Texas this weekend for one of the games. They said it was really hot! Good thing you have a pool!
    Your pictures of the planes are amazing! The blue skies and clouds are gorgeous too!
    Wishing you a Great week ahead!


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