Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn and Guittard chocolate is in the Air!

I went out to Target at lunch and got a whiff of Autumn air, which prompted
afternoon daydreams of being home in the kitchen Baking chocolate chip cookies
So like Fred Flintstone, when the whistle blew at the rock quarry, I was
out the door like a shot, making a Bee-line for home and my kitchen...
Where this was waiting for me!
Honestly, ever since the sweet people at Guittard sent me all of This, I have
been obsessed with creating goodies using their fabulous artisan chocolate
So tonight was my night! Autumn is in the air, and my
objective is to add butter, sugar and Chocolate to it!
Usually, I'm busy making These cookies with my Guittard chocolate. However,
Because sometimes the man I love just wants a soft, Chewy chocolate chip cookie! By
the way... Ever since I discovered Vanilla paste, I just can't do the extract stuff any more!
Hum... The recipe says to drop by Teaspoons. But
compared to These cookies, these dollies are tiny!
But I'm no Rule-breaker, so I'm going with it!
Okay... Might be time to be a rule-breaker now! Although, since I'm
detoxing/dieting, these cookie-bites might just Work in my favor!
But the man I love requires more of me than a Bite-size cookie!
So we're breaking out the Ice cream scoop!

That's better!
I won't yield 7-dozen this way, but that's okay... I have more Chocolate in the pantry!
I love Autumn...
Would you like a Cookie?
They're still Warm!

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  1. It's a good thing Sam isn't sitting behind me because if he saw these he'd make me go to the kitchen to whip these up. This is our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe- it's just so good.

    Isn't the recipe on the back of the package though?

  2. YES-YES-YES I'd love a cookie and what fabulous looking cookies!

  3. You are totally killing me with these food posts. Don't you know that my trip is in two weeks and I still have 4 pounds to lose? You are not helping my cause.

  4. You even make the bottom of a cookie look beautiful. Salivating like a St. Benard right about now for one of those beautiful works of art.

  5. Oh yum!! I want to jump through my computer screen eat them right now! But unlike the Coupon Goddess, I do not have a mere 4 pounds to lose. So no baking for me right now unless I take them to work and give them to students. That's always a great excuse to bake! LOL I am so looking forward to autumn though. Can't get here soon eough to suit me.

  6. YUM! I just want the dough!!!! I LOVE the effort you put into staging your cooking shots! Beautiful!

    m ^..^

  7. Hey, when are you going to change out your new Fall header? I've been dying to see it!

  8. What is vanilla paste? I have never seen it before. (is it like a paste like consistency?)


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