Monday, September 6, 2010

Farewell Summer! Sniff, sniff...

How did you spend your Labor Day?
This is how we spent our Labor Day... We worked really hard to not Labor at all. In fact, we
napped in our floats, and were as Lazy as we could possibly be. It was another perfect day!
Until this happened... And, we were reminded that
autumn is on its way. Farewell, Summer! Sniff, sniff...
Speaking of autumn... It won't be long now before our Trees begin to turn pretty colors!
As sad as I am to see Summer go... Stunning fall foliage is something to look forward to!
Remember last year when we found this garden
lantern at Antiques Marketplace in Greensboro?
Well... Last weekend, we found that the vendor who sold us that one had another one in
her booth! She had it marked $195; however, when I mentioned to her that it would
be joining the one she sold us last year, she agreed that we must have it for $100!
It still has to be electrified and Leveled here in the
garden - But I do Love it as much as I thought I would!
See? It was meant to be...
Right here in our Garden!


  1. Ouch!
    I just hurt my blonde head trying to DIVE~the~HECK into that POOL!
    I am desperate for a POOL day!
    And your toes~eees looks so GOOD!

  2. Is it cooling off already down there? It's supposed to be 85 here tomorrow! I plan on doing some floating myself with a mimosa. Your lantern is lovely too! Such an oasis!

  3. If my garden looked as beautiful as yours I would not leave the house either!
    We worked in our yard all day to get it looking a little better.

  4. Hi Janet!
    Oh your pool pics are perfect for the past weekend... Here it was picture perfect, but there are some leaves FALLing!

    Love the pic with the leaf in the pool... great shot!
    {as well as the cute Fr. manicure :o)

    The garden lantern is soo perfect too!
    Great bargaining!
    *Enjoy the new autumn breezes!

  5. I got up, got ready, left the house early so I could stop by the post office only to find out that they were closed. duh!

    I got to work early since I couldn't go in the post office, waited outside and talked on the phone wasting away 20 minutes of my precious time til I was needed at work, only to find out that no one was there. Apparently, I got the day off for the holiday but no one bothered to tell me!

    I would have rather been in your pool.

    BTW, do you always carry your camera around with you in the pool? ha ha!


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