Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday night dinner. His, and mine!

There are a lot of great things about the CLEAN 21-day Detox program I'm in
the middle of, but one of the things I know I'm taking with me forever from this
detox experience is Quinoa! I received an e-mail asking me about how I like it,
and how I prepare it. And, I'm happy to show you! Keep in mind that there are
a million ways to enjoy quinoa; however, since I'm detoxing, and I'm a busy
girl, I'm keeping my quinoa pretty simple. And yet... It's so good, I actually
look forward to eating it! Basically, quinoa cooks like rice. That being
said though, I like it much better than I've ever enjoyed rice!
During my first week of CLEAN Detox I prepared my quinoa with water. But
preparing it using chicken stock made it even tastier! I love Kitchen Basics stocks... 
For a double-quantity of Quinoa, I bring 4 cups of stock
to an almost-boil, and then add two cups of quinoa
Cover, reduce heat to low and cook for fifteen minutes...
After fifteen minutes you'll notice little curly Q's coming away from the quinoa seeds
That means your quinoa is Perfectly cooked. Now just Fluff it, and eat it!
Now onto the other Dinner I'm preparing this evening... By the way, this
is the monogrammed Hurricane I ordered from Williams-Sonoma. It finally
arrived! I filled it with tiny pumpkin pods and a Beeswax candle for autumn!
So about his dinner... I've been dying to use this corn muffin pan I picked
up at an estate auction a few months ago. And, tonight I have my chance!
I have a standing order for my herb-Roasted chicken...
So it's roasted chicken and Cornbread muffin night!
This is a great recipe... Cornmeal, milk, 1 egg and melted butter is all it takes!
And, a super-Cute cornbread form, of course!
This beauty-bake form is about as cute as it gets!
And, look! It works like a Dream too...
Worked so well it brought his nose right into the Kitchen! 
You know what makes Great cornbread better, right?
Melted butter and good, creamy German honey!
Chicken's ready!
So are the roasted red potatoes he asked for...
Oh, and the buttered corn too! I'm sensing a butter-theme here, aren't you?
No butter for me though. And, that's okay... Because I have quinoa!
Which makes not having any of his dinner just Fine by me!
Yup! All fine by me...
Next week is the Final week of my CLEAN 21-day detox kit. Have you
entered to win one of your own? If not, take a peek here and enter now!


  1. What did I take away from this post?

    ~Never tried quinoa, need to give it a try.

    ~That monogrammed hurricane dish is SO you. Everytime I see something with a monogram, I think of you.

    ~Cornbread is on my list to make tomorrow. With honey and butter- oh gosh!

  2. Both dinners look wonderful! Love your corn muffin pan.

  3. tammy onderdonk klassSeptember 12, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    YUMMY... on both accounts!!!!!


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