Saturday, September 12, 2009

If you Enjoy watching birds fly...

There's no better place than the Air show!

We never missed the Salinas air show with the boys in California but this is
the First time we've come to a show here... It's just the two of us today

I truly hate to Fly - but I love
airplanes! Especially military airplanes...

Very cute... But never in a Million years!

This is what you see at the Air show in Nascar country!

This pretty plane belongs to a nascar Racing team

I think Propellers are cool

People are lined up Thirty yards behind this one to get inside 

That's one Mean looking machine!

Let's go Shopping!

I would pick this one... I would never get in it, but it sure is pretty!

1930's DC-3 - aka, the Goony bird!


Here's the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles dropping in to Join us!

Can't help but think of watching Brandon
graduate Airborne school right now

The fighter Jet fly-by is always such a Rush! The best part of
the Salinas air shows for me was always watching the Blue Angels

Here comes the Sea Harrier!

Navy boys!

Here come the Trojan Horsemen - T-28 Team

This is no Prius! This bird uses 1.8 gallons of fuel
per mile and does a mile every 10 seconds!

You can read about Mr. Nalls and his Sea Harrier Here

This is what you can do when you're a Successful
real estate developer in the Washington DC area!

Pilatus P-3 - it's Swiss!

B-1 Bomber!

If I'd just done what Lt. Col Hamill just did, I'd be throwing up!

This was my Favorite plane. The B-25 Mitchell Bomber... It's so pretty!


Watching the C-123 fly always makes me hold my
breath because it Really puts the laws of Physics to
the test. It's like watching a gigantic Whale fly!

What a beautiful day for an Air show!

I remember the day we watched John Denver fall out of the Sky just
beyond Lover's Point in Pacific Grove and hearing the next day the
news people call what he was flying an, Experimental aircraft. I
don't know about you, but I think those are two words that
should never go together. And yet, here's another one!

All in all this was a nice Air show. I still missed
seeing the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels though...

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