Sunday, September 5, 2010

CLEAN Detox Cooking... Week two, and a Find!

As you know, I am in the process of the CLEAN 21-day Detox, and tomorrow marks
the beginning of week #2! Honestly, I don't know where the week went. It feels
like I've just begun and now, I'm into week two! Effortless? You bet! Feeling
amazing? Oh, yeah! Losing more weight? Yes, Yes, Yes! Starving? No. Feeling
deprived? Not in the least! Can you do it too? Why, yes you can! In fact, if you
enter my giveaway Here, you may soon be on your way to experiencing all the
benefits of your very own CLEAN Detox Kit, for.... Free! But truthfully, even if
you're not chosen as the lucky winner of the free CLEAN Detox Kit the
good folks at CLEAN have provided, you'll want to consider making
the Investment in your own health and well-being by ordering, here!
So it's Sunday night, which means I'm Detox-cooking again! Although I'm aware of the
gazillion recipes and meal options available to me using the CLEAN Elimination Diet, I'm
a creature of habit, and I love my herby-chicken! And, since our garden is still pumping
out the Basil, and I've got a pantry full of Mrs. Dash, I'm sticking with what floats my
boat! Another thing that floats my boat is Costco and their pre-cut chicken breast
tenders. Two of them is just the right portion of protein for my CLEAN Detox
program. Add a little broccoli and quinoa, and who could complain?
Not me! I guess the only problem to report about my CLEAN Detox program is
that there's really no drama or problems to report. That's not to say I didn't hesitate a bit
when I learned the program requires me to ingest supplements three times a day. Because
I am NOT a pill-taker at all! Aside from my daily Vitamin and calcium tablet, I take no pills
at all! So swallowing 13 supplements every day for 21 days made me a little nervous. But
thankfully, none of the CLEAN supplements stink, and all of them are easy to swallow!
And, considering how amazing these supplements make me feel... I'm taking them!
Okay... Now for a find! Yesterday we spent the day in Charlotte where we piddled
through the antique show at the Metrolina before my facial at Aveda with Spa-boy. There
was a lot to see, and we managed to drag home a few fun things. One of them is this cool,
vintage Globe on a funky Lucite base that came out of a Florida estate. It was marked $95;
however, I asked the dealer his Best price, to which he replied, $75. Then I said $55 and he
said, Sold. Yea! For now, until I find a better place for it, which is code for I need to clear
a spot on my desk for it upstairs, it's doing just fine here on top of one of his many
bookcases in the living room. Oh, and the Best part of this find is that it...
Lights up!
Speaking of things that light up... We also stumbled upon a Dealer selling all kinds
of those kitschy Holiday blow-mold yard decorations. I picked up a triple pumpkin
one I've never seen before. But you'll have to wait until it's Pumpkin-time to see it!  


  1. Well ONLY YOU would find a light up GLOBE!
    And that chicken...ONLY YOU!
    And I mean it!
    ONLY YOU could make DETOX chicken look that good!
    I'm so proud of YOU and your detoxing!
    I know that facial from SPA~BOY gave your face a GLOW on top of how GLOWING it already is from detoxing!
    I bought some Quinoa today at Central Market!
    And veggie boullion cubes!
    And I do believe...I need that little clear tea kettle on your stove!
    Love it!
    And Love you!
    Happy Happy Week 2 detoxing!!!!!!!!!!
    Love and HUGS!

  2. I'm so glad you love the CLEAN detox! I really hope I can do it in the near future! :)

  3. That is such a COOL globe. It's very modern and it looks perfect next to your stained glass.


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