Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Leaves... Inside and Outside the kitchen!

Bing and I were up with the Birdies this morning...
Baking up the autumn leaf Wedding cookies I created after work on Friday!
There are almost as many Leaves in the kitchen as there are outside in the yards!
Well... almost!
Okay... There might be a Few more leaves out here!
What I do know for sure though is that Autumn has begun!
Back in the kitchen, another sweet batch of Leaves are just out of the oven!
And while more bake, I'm back outside...
Feeding my Pond babies!
Leaves on the water means that not much longer, and they'll be asleep for winter!
And, I'll be missing them again!
I do hope the Bride-to-be likes the ribbon I picked out for her Cookie favors...
Because I think it's Perfect!
Speaking of Perfect... Can you believe the Garden is still pumping out
all this beautiful basil? If I didn't already have six quarts of Pesto in
the freezer, I'd be making it right now! If you need Basil, see me!


  1. Janet the pics are just lovely!
    Your WORLD is lovely!
    And HELLO there MR. BING!
    Snuggles to YOU!
    How on EARTH do you get those cookies so perfect!
    And the ribbon...just perfect!
    I can't believe your fish go to sleep for the winter.
    I know it's hard to say good~bye!
    I LOVE to study your pics!
    Happy Happy Sunday my Friend!

  2. Aaaw Bingy he is so cute! Cookies look great!

  3. What a lovely blog and hello there Bing. I came across your blog and fell in love with EVERYTHING. When I stumbled across your china cabinet I almost fell over. WOW! I am a dish-aholic so I got my fix for today. Lovely! It looks like you love your home and I look forward to seeing more. Deb (Ottawa, Canada)

  4. I just love your blog and check it on most days and sit looking at all your fantastic creations esp your cookies (Obsessed Cookie Cutter Collector) plus I have to be honest I love to look at your beautiful house photos and all your fantastic kitchen toys...........Thanks for a great blog

    from Sunny Australia

  5. Bing! What a cutie! Janet, your cookies are GORGEOUS....even WITHOUT icing! Total perfection! That is going to be one happy bride! ♥

  6. Don't you just LOVE this time of year??!! Beautiful cookies and so perfect for favors!

    I am in love with your stacking cooling racks -- have a set, but it has straight lines and not a grid pattern (sometimes the cookies fall through.) Do you know who makes it or where you got the set?

  7. Honey, Thank you for your kind note. The stacking cooling racks you see are by The Pampered Chef, and they are the Best!

    If I can get you some, e-mail me at:

  8. Can your kitchen be any cuter? I mean really? I'm mainly lusting after the cleanliness about it....


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