Saturday, September 4, 2010

The engagement of Ellie and Dave... And, a Cookie story!

This is Ellie and Dave. Ellie is the daughter of one of our most favorite neighbors, and Dave
is their soon to be son-in-law and an Army doctor. I've loved Ellie forever... She's truly a girl
after my own heart because she loves Vintage kitchen accoutrements! We share a passion
for all things Pyrex, Jadite and depression glass. Which pretty much makes Ellie perfect!
We also share lots of love for Le Creuset Dutch ovens, and since Ellie is registered
for them in Caribbean blue, I thought I'd get her started on her collection tonight!
Did you happen to notice the sweet, sparkly Engagement ring cookie Dave was slipping onto
Ellie's finger in the top photo? Yup! I made that! You see when Ellie's mother popped over
last week to invite us to the engagement party, I knew I'd be making Ellie these cookies! It
also gave me the perfect opportunity to test the rolling pin sent to me by
They call it The Perfect Dough Rolling set, and they're not kidding! Look at the perfectly
uniform thickness of my cookie dough I was able to achieve using the included rolling
spacers. Can you imagine what this Rolling pin set could do for perfect pie crust?!
And this is another gorgeous, heirloom-quality copper cookie cutter
from I simply cannot create cookies without them!
Because I had a certain decoration in mind, I modified the shape of the diamond just a bit...
And the effort was well Worth it. I think they came out of the oven just perfect!
I added a couple of wedding Dress cookies too since I know Ellie found her dream-dress yesterday!
Let's ice some cookies, shall we?
Flood-icing is my favorite part of Cookie decorating!
It's kinda like grouting tile... It makes everything that's not-quite perfect, (my outlines) look nearly
perfect! Not that I have ever grouted tile... But I've watched, which practically makes me an expert!

Now for a little Embellishment!
I thought a lot about how I wanted these cookies to look. The bride's color is green so I picked up
some green sanding sugars at Sur la Table yesterday. But in the end, after seeing how elegant the
silver sanding sugar sent me looked on my cookies, I decided to let it be the star! 

To personalize the cookies, I added the Bride and Groom's wedding date!
Honestly, how cute are these cookies?!

On of the guests at the party asked me how I got the hole in the cookie... It was easy
using my new Pampered Chef biscuit cutter set! If you need a set, just let me know!

When Ellie saw this cookie she told me it looks just like the invitations
used for tonight's engagement party. We had to eventually hide
it from the guests since several almost walked off with it! 
Because only the Engagement ring cookies were meant as favors... To finish my
cookies, I painted them with Disco Dust also available from
Honestly, of all the cookies I've created thus far, I do believe these are my favorites!

As I arranged them on the tray to take to the party I really didn't want to let them go...
But after seeing this... I'm so glad I did!
Please join me in congratulating Ellie and Dave on their engagement. May God bless them,
and keep them under his care, and protect Dave as he serves his country and those in need

*FTC-required disclosure: provided me with the rolling pin set, cookie cutter, disco dust and the sanding sugar described in this post at no cost. did not compensate me in any other way, and all opinions I have and share on my blog concerning their fabulous products and Best-in-Class customer service are absolutely my own. Exciting Update here!


  1. Of course I love your cookies!!! I have that same rolling pin set from Copper Gifts and I LOVE it...It's so effortless to make the cookies with uniform thickness:)

  2. I LOVE it Janet!! I think these are my favorite too!!......what a beautiful couple too.

    oh, and i'm LOVING that rolling pin set!

  3. You did such a great job on the cookies and they are such a cute couple!

    So nice of you to get them started on their Le Creuset registry- what a lucky girl.

    You know I bought some of those rolling pin rings (from Martha Stewart) and they don't fit any of my three rolling pins!

  4. All the cookies are wonderful but I really love what you did with the wedding dress. So delicate and pretty.


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