Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I inspire... Who knew?

I just received the sweetest note from my dear friends at CopperGifts.com about
the Engagement cookies I created using their fabulous wedding ring copper
cookie cutter and Rolling pin set... And, guess what!? They've decided to
to update their cutter design based upon the tweaking I did to reshape
the diamond top, and the finger hole I added... Oh, and... They
are using My rolled dough and cookie as examples on their
CopperGifts.com website! Check it out, Here & Here!

If you're serious about the decorated Cookies you create, or if you just love
heirloom-quality Copper like I do, you'll want to shop only CopperGifts.com!

The Legal Stuff: I was not compensated for this review of CopperGifts.com. Although, I really am hoping they'll send me one of the Wedding ring cutters my cookies helped inspire... And, if they do, you and the FTC will hear all about it! 


  1. Of COURSE, you are an inspiration!!! And they *better* send you a sample! ;) I believe they just got a free ad, LOL!

    Your ring cookie is fabulous!

  2. You know, I never really liked that particular cookies cutter for some reason.

    Seeing how you decorated the cookie, well it is just so pretty. Your decorating skills have really enhanced the cutter and the cookie. Well done.

  3. WOW!! Congrats! Go ahead and reach over and pat yourself on the back. You totally deserve it!! XOXO - Denise

  4. WOW! Congratulations! Go ahead and reach over and pat yourself on the back; you totally deserve it! XOXO- Denise

  5. I'm giving you a virtual high-five! That's awesome Janet. You an inspirtaion? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

    I'm quite sure they'll send you a cookie cutter, you practically designed it!

  6. Congratulations! These cookies look amazing!

  7. Janet! that is so awesome! Your cookies look absolutely marvelous! much better than their old version. You did a great job! and I need to order one of those rolling pins!

  8. I think your cookie looks beautiful and no doubt it's better than anything they've ever seen! Congrats on the well deserved kudos!


  9. Thanks for all your help Janice, you are definitely an inspiration!

  10. Your cookie Rocks!! Theirs looks so silly compared to yours...

    I'm just saying...


  11. Wow Janet!
    What amazingly talented people I meet "out here."
    This is awesome! I love your engagement ring cookies... I'm not surprised they were used by CopperGifts! They are smart to do so!

    God bless you always, Janet!
    Have a Happy Wednesday~

  12. Well of course!! Well done my dear... you are making a difference!!

    Be blessed-

  13. You are a SUPERSTAR! Really, you are amazing. Love Copper Gifts and love you too!


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