Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silly Girl!

Woke up this morning remembering all of the table Decorations I had stored
in the closet under the Staircase, and in the dining room corner hutch!
After putting these Halloween, 4th of July, Easter and other holiday placemats and
runners away I realized I simply have No more room or use for any more. Unless
of course we find another Linen press cabinet like the one I picked up yesterday!

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  1. Wow Janet... the cabinet looks amazing and I say YOU GO GIRL for buying it regardless of the fact that you already have enough furniture. I passed up the most wonderful china hutch this spring {never had one of my own}
    It was at my favorite consignment shop for $150. Gorgeous wood that looked like mahogoney. It was prob from the turn of the century and had the sweetest trimmings. Oh I really wanted it... but Chris just kept saying "Do we really need another piece of furniture?"
    This July, I saw similar pieces in an antique store on our way to the King Arthur flour shop in VT ... They were over $600.
    Well it sold before summer started and I sooooo regret not buying it.

    Your linens are so nicely kept and organized now... I'm sure you'll find a little room here and there in the new linen cabinet.
    I hope you had a great weekend!
    smiles to you!
    ps. those dishes look like my daughter, Amanda's!
    I bought them 20 years ago when she was little because she loved them... She's 27 now! Wow


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